This piece was created in Experimental Typography. My class was asked to pick a word or phrase that held meaning for us. My first instinct was to focus on my Complex PTSD, which stems from my abusive childhood.
I've always felt that it was important to be open and honest about my mental health and the things I go through on a daily basis. I believe that being able to have conversations about my mental health with others will help to normalize mental illnesses and relieve the stigma that follows people who have mental illnesses. For me, talking about it helps me to process what I'm going through and handle my CPTSD in a much healthier and productive way.
Originally, I wanted to make this piece in black and red but I decided to try the bright blue as well and I liked how the colors played off of each other. These colors are also a reference to the American flag, which opens this piece to a broader form of interpretation and speaks to soldiers and veterans (which I also am). However, it is still important to understand that anyone who has gone through traumatic events can have PTSD - this is not just for soldiers.
'I am Triggered' was part of an exhibit at RedLine in Denver concerning the current political climate and the upcoming Presidential election in 2016.
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